A year-long collaborative project where two women explore the boundaries of fabric, thread, and their sisterly bond.


About The Project

We are Brianna Stapleton Welch and Alanna Stapleton, two sisters that grew up learning to sew together in south-central Wisconsin. Born six years apart, we did much of our “growing up” independently and in different contexts. Our creative pursuits lead us in different directions; Brianna to theatre and education, Alanna to illustration and the visual arts. 

In recent years, we have each found our way back to fabric, needles, and thread. Alanna uses contemporary hand embroidery to illustrate the humor of the everyday. Brianna considers her sewing and quilting hobby both a luxury and a necessity for her mental health. For both of us, making is deeply cathartic.

Our work is rooted in the traditional sewing techniques from our childhood, but we have both evolved to incorporate techniques and materials reflecting our individual aesthetics and experiences. We grew up around muted calicos, yet we’re now attracted to bolder color palettes. The traditional techniques that we learned as young sewists have equipped us to express ourselves through fiber in a way that infuses humor, reflection, and a critique of daily life. 

Beginning in August 2018 with a trip to Portugal, we will embark on a year-long collaborative exploration of the boundaries of fabric, thread, and our sisterly bond. This project, titled Sisters & Seams, will bring together our different styles that have evolved separately, and will provide a structure for us to reunite our aesthetics and see what emerges. 

Project Guidelines

+Video chats or face-to-face shared creative time each month 

+A shared journal

+A shared moodboard 

+A shared Sisters & Seams Instagram account 

+At least one instance of trying the other sisters’ primary technique

About Us


Brianna Stapleton welch

Brianna is an educator and quilter living in Stoughton, Wisconsin. When she’s not at her sewing machine, she is curled up with a book, walking in the woods, or experimenting in the kitchen. She’ll play board games but not the ones that take three hours to finish. Her favorite childhood game was dressing up as an evil stepmother and forcing Alanna to be Cinderella.


Alanna Stapleton

Alanna is an illustrator and embroidery artist based in Minneapolis. Her interests include: eating breakfast food, reading non-fiction and memoirs, watching Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and planning future travels. She once threw her sister's favorite shoes in the trash. Her handwriting has always been better than Brianna's.